If you’re a managed hosting provider, then you know that outbound spam can be big headache. According to a forum member on WebHostTalk, “Getting blacklisted due to [outgoing] spam, hacked account, etc…is a huge problem.”

Where does outbound spam come from? According to website Directnic, “Outbound spam arises due to zombie computers, compromised accounts and legitimate spammer accounts.”

The best way to protect your mail server’s IP reputation is to stop outbound spam. The best way to do that is to set up an outbound spam filter. And that’s a great first step, but it isn’t enough.

Not only do you have to stop outbound spam, but you must also be alerted to it in real time AND be able to identify the source of the spam down to the user on the server sending out the spam. In other words, it’s not good enough to just stop outbound spam. You have to know where it’s coming from too and you have to know it immediately. That way you can shut it down and keep it from threatening your network.

Outbound spam is hard to prevent, because in the case of zombie computers, the offender may not even know they’re sending out spam.

If the managed hosting provider can’t isolate the source of the spam, it’s a sure bet their customers can’t. Especially if they don’t know about it.

If you’re a managed hosting provider two things are true. First, you’re not totally in control of the email your customers send out. Second, your customers are probably sending out spam.

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